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As a homeowner, the never ending "to do list" usually at some point involves an electrical project and Big Guns is here to help. Hiring a professional is extremely important when it comes to your home and family - older homes with old wiring, building codes and safety hazards are just a few things that can make those daunting tasks complicated. Our experience, competency and knowledge make even unforeseeable situations easier.

No job is too big or too small. We handle everything from basic lighting and receptacle upgrades, to garages, basements, renovations, new construction and everything in between. Browse our list of common residential tasks below and if you don't see your project listed - not to worry, use our quick contact form under CONTACT US and we will happily provide a free estimate. If you already have an estimate from somewhere else, let us take a second look and see where we can save you money.

New Construction

Building your dream home? We can handle everything from the main service and rough-in to final completion of your electrical system. We cooperate with other contractors to ensure that tasks are handled in an efficient manner avoiding delays to your move in day


Upgrading a room or two? Overhauling the entire house? We can handle any and all rooms. Kitchens, and Bathroom renovations in old homes usually do not meet today's code requirements and rest assured that we can correct these deficiencies, making these rooms safe and functional. 

Other Common Residential Electrical Tasks

  • Breaker & Fuse Installation

  • Interior Custom Lighting Upgrades & Accent Lighting 

  • Service & Service Panel Upgrade

  • Landscape Lighting 

  • Exterior Lighting 

  • Surge Protection

  • Water Heater, Furnace, and Thermostat Installation & Troubleshooting

  •  Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  • Ground Fault Interrupt Circuits (GFI)

  • Appliance Circuits

  • Hot Tub Wiring

  • Electric Gates

  • Temporary Power Solutions, Standby Generators

  • Electric Heating Solutions 

  • Electric Car Charging Ports

  • Garages Including Rough-In, Completion, Lighting Installation or Upgrading, Additional Receptacles 

  • Home Theatre and Home Office Solutions 

  • Air Conditioning, Air Exchange Wiring 

  • Switch and Receptacle Upgrade or Repair

  • Silver Label Certification for Manufactured Homes

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