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Big Guns Electrical Services offers specialized solutions for the agricultural sector. Our company is proud to serve ranchers and farmers, and given our agricultural experience we feel we are an exceptional fit for the job. We value integrity and efficiency and make it our promise to you that we will find the best suited, most affordable solution to your needs. Learn more about our company's strong agricultural background under the About Us page.

Browse our list of services below, and use the Contact Us page to request your free estimate. If you already have a quote for your project, let us take a second look and see how you can get the most out of your money.

New Construction or Upgrading for Efficiency

 We can handle everything from the main service and rough-in to final completion of your electrical system. We are experienced in livestock barns, riding arenas, shops, sheds, storage buildings, and even veterinary and wellness equipment. The safety of your family, workers and animals is a top priority and we ensure that safety codes are adhered to. We cooperate with other contractors to ensure that tasks are handled in an efficient manner. Upgrading components around your farm or ranch avoid excess power usage and potential hazards.

Common Agricultural Electrical Tasks

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting 

  • LED Upgrade

  • Irrigation Systems

  • Electric Water Pumps 

  • Electric Gates

  • Livestock Watering Systems 

  • Exhaust Systems, Supply & Control

  • Service Installation & Upgrade

  • Panel Installation & Upgrade 

  • Troubleshooting & Maintenance

  • Heating

  • Shops & Sheds

  • Livestock Barns 

  • Riding Arenas

  • Storage Buildings

  • Veterinary Clinics

  • Animal Health & Wellness Equipment

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